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Reptiles Barquero S.L.


Reptiles Barquero was born in 1995 by Don Pedro Miguel Barquero, technician in tanning of exotic skin from the year 1968 and happening from generation there takes the relief his nephew Joaquín Barquero in 2008.


We transform the products to the interests and needs that the client has so much in color, texture, dyes as ended in mate, sheen, glossed, laminated. We realize both exports and leather imports: PYTHON, COBRAS, AYERS, WHIPS.


From our web portal they will be able to visit a great and wide variety of our products with his finished end. Also we accept and adapt our products to the samples requested or sent by the own client.


We have a consolidated workgroup that they do of the personal treatment, quality and service his stamp of company and we consolidate as experts in the treatment of tanning, dyes and ended in skin of reptile.

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96 390 17 28


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